Friday, 16 July 2021

 How to Grow Lemon plant from seed

It is very easy to plant a lemon plant at home, it does not require much care. And you can get lots of fresh organic lemons from one plant. And when you use your own lemons, it's a different pleasure. So let's move on to how to grow fresh lemon at home.

All these things will be needed to grow Lemon:

  • It is recommended to take seeds from organic citrus fruits because of their high growth potential.
  • Organic Compost
  • Fertile potting soil.
  • A pot that is at least 12 inches wide and10 inches deep.

Process of growing lemon plants from seed:

Take a pot and cover the hole of the pot with a stone or something so that the drainage of your pot remains good.

Now you decide the soil for the pot, to prepare the soil, add 75% normal soil and 25% vermicompost. And you mix it well. And keep in mind that do not use chemicals, because we use them in food. Moisten the potting soil so that it is moist, but take care not to get soaked.

Fill the pot with soil and keep in mind that some soil should be saved, which we will use later. Now plant the lemon seeds in the soil. seeds should be moist and half an inch inside the soil and take care not to sprinkle too many seeds in one place, which will be difficult for it to grow. Then you cover the seeds with the remaining soil. And give water from a spray bottle so that the seeds are not scattered here and there. Now cover the pot with the help of plastic, seal the edges with a rubber band, and with the help of a pencil make a small hole on the plastic.

After that keep the pot in a medium sun place. And keep sprinkling water on the soil, taking care that the soil is not dry nor too wet. After about two weeks, when the seedling emerges, remove the plastic.

When your seedling becomes 5 inches long then make sure to keep in direct sunlight for at least six to eight hours per day and keep adding organic manure in between.

Take care to keep the new plants away from diseases, use insecticides if necessary. When the plant starts growing, plant it in a bigger pot.
 After that when your lemon plant becomes mature, you will get a fresh organic lemon. So how did you like this information, tell us in the comment.

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