Thursday, 1 July 2021

 It is very easy to plant a chili plant in a pot at home, it does not require much care. And you can get lots of fresh green chilies from one plant. And when you use your own grown chilies, it's a different pleasure. So let's move on to how to grow fresh green chilies at home.

All these things will be needed to grow chilies:

  • chili seed
  • pot
  • Soil
  • Compost

First, you take a dry red chili, which we use in cooking. Otherwise, you can also take it from the market. I only use normal chili. After that, you take out the seeds from that dry chili.

Then you take the pot and cover the hole of the pot with a stone or any other thing so that the drainage of your pot remains good.

Now you decide the soil for the pot, to prepare the soil, add 75% normal soil and 25% vertical soil like vermicompost. And keep in mind that do not use chemicals, because we use them in food.

After the soil is ready, fill the soil in the pot and keep in mind that some soil should be saved, which we will use later.

Now sprinkle the seeds of your chili and take care not to sprinkle too many seeds in one place, which will be difficult for it to grow. Then you cover the seeds with the remaining soil. And give water from a spray bottle so that the seeds are not scattered here and there. After that keep the pot in a medium sun place. And keep giving water in between till the soil dries up.

After 8-10 days your chili seeds will start growing. And if the plant becomes 1-2 inches bigger, then you plant it in another pot. And when your plant is 5 inches, then you prune it, which will get more stems. And you will get lots of fruits too. And after about 1 month, you will get chili flowers and the same flowers will become fruits in a few days.

Then you will be able to enjoy your homegrown organic green chilies.
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