Friday, 18 December 2020

Sweet Alyssum is a type of winter flowering plant. Its botanical name was "Lobularia maritima". They are small plants that may grow up to 5-7 inches. And Its flowers come in bunches which looks quite pretty. Usually, blooms come in white but they also come in pink, yellow, purple with a sweet fragrance. And this flower also cultivated for bedding purposes (carpeting flowers) like in Rock garden, hanging baskets.

Now, Talk About "How to Grow Sweet Alyssum From seeds"

Sweet alyssum flowers

1. Start with Good Quality alyssum seeds.

For better germination, buy seeds from agricultural stores or you can buy from online retailers.

2. Use a divided seedling tray to start your seeds. so that you can easily separate the roots of your seedlings once they have begun to grow.

You can also use Eggs carton to grow seedlings.

3. Take a potting mix with 20% organic compost, 60% normal garden soil, 20% fine sand and will make the potting mix well-drained and it will also make the potting mix soft which helps in root formation.

4. Now fill the seedling tray with potting mix.

5. Sow the seeds in the soil. Avoid sowing more than 2 seeds in the same division of your seedling tray, sowing too many seeds in the same division will reduce the germination rate of your seeds.

6. Sprinkle the water daily using a spray bottle. Give water to seed and keep the soil moist at all times, never dry and especially not soggy, which promotes fungal rot of the cuttings.

7. After 3-6 days you can see your seeds start germinating, Then Keep the seedling tray in a warm location with bright but indirect light.

8. Now when plants are grown up to 3 inches, use a spoon or other small tool to dig the seedling out of the seedling tray, being careful not to damage the roots. you can transplant them into main pots.

If we forgot to mention something or you have any doubts or any suggestions for us, do not hesitate to write in the comment box. Thank you for reading our post.

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